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Regular, LilyPadz Breast Pads, www.bellylaughs.ca
  • , LilyPadz Breast Pads, www.bellylaughs.ca
  • Regular, LilyPadz Breast Pads, www.bellylaughs.ca
LilyPadz Breast Pads - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

LilyPadz are the perfect no show, reusable nursing pad.  A cost effective solution to disposable nursing pads. The non-absorbent design prevents breast milk leakage by providing gentle pressure on the nipple – keeping milk in the breast for your baby. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, LilyPadz provide nursing mothers with flexibility, breathability, invisibility and “second skin” comfort that no other nursing pad can offer.

The gentle, adhesive-free lining is renewed each time they are washed, so one pair can last for months! 

Features of LilyPadz:

  • Lily Padz stay in place in the absence of a bra 
  • Go for a swim! 
  • Non-absorbent & continuously usable! 
  • Enjoy a night on the town! 
  • Sleep Comfortably 
  • Wear your favorite lingerie! 
  • Discreet.  
  • LilyPadz conform to breast making them unnoticeable under clothing.

LilyPadz are available in regular and large sizes. The Large LilyPadz are a little larger in diameter (about 1/2 inch) and have a flatter shape.  As a result, the large size is more apt to fit the larger, fuller breast. We suggest the large LilyPadz for women who are size DD or larger.

Sold in a package of 2.