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Bare Air-Free 8oz Perfe-Latch Bottle Twin Pack
  • Bare Air-Free 8oz Perfe-Latch Bottle Twin Pack
Bare Air-Free 8oz Perfe-Latch Bottle Twin Pack - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Looking for the perfect bottle for a breastfed baby who is refusing other bottles? The Bare Air-Free Bottle with Perfe-Latch® nipple, now available in Canada, is the perfect solution!

The Perfe-latch® nipple closely mimics a mother’s breast and breastfeeding. The nipple extends upon suction to emulate the mechanics of breastfeeding in order to minimize nipple confusion. With breakthrough Air-plug® technology that works similar to a syringe, without the use of air-vents, Bare dispenses air-free contents to your baby to help reduce gas/colic.

This Bare Air-free 8oz Perfe-latch® Twin pack includes two 8oz bottles and two Perfe-Latch® nipples.


How it works 

Air Free technology

  • Like a syringe, Air-plug® allows you to expel all air out of the bottle
  • Air-plug® moves automatically and delivers air-free contents upon suction only, to prevent unnatural free-flow feeding
  • Minimizes air ingestion while feeding to help prevent gas and colic
  • Air-plug® & Perfe-latch® work in synergy to mimic a breast's flow resistance & promote baby's suckling motion



The Perfe-latch® nipple on the Bare Air-Free bottle features a short teat to stimulate baby to latch on the areola part of the nipple.

  • The teat extends upon suction to help prevent nipple confusion
  • Flow-Control® technology: different size orifices on the tip allow baby to control feeding pace and flow with suction strength
  • Air-plug® & Perfe-latch® nipple work in synergy to mimic the breasts’ flow resistance & suckling motion.
  • Proven to extend the breastfeeding relationship when supplementing 

    The Flow-Control® technology gives the baby full control over the pace and flow of which s/he feeds to prevent overfeeding and/or developing preference for the bottle.

    Different size orifices on its tip dispense different flow rates controlled by the baby’s sucking strength.

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