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Thank you for choosing to set up a registry with Belly Laughs!  We are honoured to be a part of your growing family.  To make your registry making as easy as can be and increase the opportunities for your family and friends we are encouraging the use of the universal registry.  Below you will find the links to 2 different online registry services.  They both allow you to "shop" online at all your favourite stores and make one list for your family and friends.  universal registry will allow you to add any products from any online store (including www.bellylaughs.ca !)  and anything else you might need — like home-cooked meals, house cleaning, or used baby clothes.  Your registry will clearly indicate which stores your items are available, allowing your family to shop local or online! 

...And since your friends and family will still be purchasing items directly from us, they can still benefit from our free shipping and promotions :) 

It’s super easy to share your registry with friends! 




Looking to cloth diaper or babywear and not sure what to put on your registry?  Stop by the store and have a sales associate walk you through the entire process and explain the various items you may need for your new baby.