A Children's & Maternity Boutique -- Ottawa, Ontario Canada --

Our business is all things mom and baby, from the every day to the unique and trendy.

Belly Laughs opened in November of 2007. The concept came to me over dinner and a glass of wine on my first Mother’s Day. I was eight months into my maternity leave and contemplating what my next move would be career wise. I was loving being a mom, and had developed a passion for all the great products available for moms and babies – but couldn’t find all the products I wanted in Ottawa. Coming from a family of entreprenuers, starting my own business seemed like a natural fit, so with the help and support of my family, my idea quickly became a reality and Belly Laughs opened in November 2007.


One of the things I love most about Belly Laughs is the atmosphere we’ve created. What sets us apart and makes us the kind of store we are is our staff of Moms. All but one of us are mothers (we like to keep someone around that doesn’t have a Mummy brain!). We’ve all had different experiences in our journey to parenthood. Between us, we have 21 children (and few on the way at any given time!) Some of us have dealt with infertility while others are incubating “oops” babies. We have a mother of a child with special needs, mothers who nursed exclusively, some who did not nurse at all, and some who pumped full time. Most of us have at least dabbled in cloth diapering, and many have developed various diaper obsessions! Between us, we’ve had high-needs babies that demanded to be worn all day, and co-slept with at night , and babies that just enjoy the ride and coziness of a baby carrier. We’ve had post-partum depression, mastitis, thrush, – you name it, one of us have dealt with it – and we’re happy to share our experiences with you, because we specialize in experience. Our business is all things mom and baby, from the every day to the unique and trendy.


We believe in providing the best customer service possible , and that’s why all the products we carry are mom – tested. If we wouldn’t use it, you won’t find it at Belly Laughs. We also have a great selection of brand name children’s and maternity clothing on consignment at the store. Be sure to check out our new blog, where you can post any questions or suggestions you may have, or review the products we carry. We are always searching for fresh new items and ideas!


Thanks for checking us out!